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[QUOTE=inneedofhelp89;2690013]I have been prone to getting easily infected by others all my life, now this strange problem started 3 months ago my little cuz had seever infection and i caught flu from here i went to dr and had very high wbc (it should be under 8 ) i had 21 i got anitbitoics wbc went back to normal a week later it was back again got antibiotics wbc went down but got a bit high again as soon as i stopped it. Along with this my hormones levels are all messed up i had hormone imbalance but it did not affect me a month before getting these serious of infection my periods came bit late and were badly painful since then i keep on getting sore throat urine infection and late periods and my blood shows some hormonal imbalance high prolactin and high wbc.
My mcv is low as well so is my iron level ferritin is fine and everything else is fine. Now since 4 days i have been having sore throat vomiting and i cant eat anything due nausea..
My dr is concerned about my wbc... plzz someone tell me can i be suffering from any cancer???
Apart from that in my past my wbc goes always high with normal flu as well.
And i do suffer from celiac disease but its under control as i am on gluten free diet...
plzz i am very worried does it sound like cancer??? i am 18 years old female[/QUOTE]

Hi. First of all, I hope you are able to get back to normal health soon. I was interested with you mentioning that you have celiac disease. Have you had a CT Scan performed on you at all? If you have did that reveal anything about your spleen? I also have celiac disease and after having blood tests and a CT scan, they detected that my spleen has become "atrophic" through the disease. Apparently, many individuals with the disease have their spleen reduced in normal size. This may be having an affect with infections. My WBC constantly remains low, well below the normal range, so I know how you feel. I have enlarged lymph nodes in my groin and armpits and they still suspect a leukemia or lymphoma but are taking a watch and wait approach. Good luck with everything and hope everything keeps going well.

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