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I'm sorry, it was 10.7 not 107.
My doctor's not really sure what's up, but his words were "with the tiredness, and the unintentional weight loss, I'm concerned".
I'd also like to say, I had a baby 16 months ago, and none of my tests during my pregnancy were elevated.
I'm not freaking out, or panicking (I just haven't really absorbed even the possibility of something nasty), but I am very curious as to what's going on. I can't seem to find much information on anything that would cause platelets and lymphocytes to be elevated and was wondering if anyone here had heard of anything that would. Especially because the platelet elevation isn't terribly high.
The reason I am asking here on the Leukemia board is because when my doctor and I were talking, he said (initially) "Well, I'm going to send you to a hemotologist and they may do a bone marrow biopsy to see what's going on", so I said "so what you're nicely trying to tell me is that you want to rule out leukemia?" and he said "well, I didn't want to say that...but yeah", fast forward in the conversation to me asking if my lymphocytes being off could make me feel as tired and run down as I have been, his reply was "the tirdeness and weight loss have me concerned, you'll probably need a bone marrow biopsy". Now bear in mind, my doctor wasn't being an alarmist. He didn't mention Leukemia because he didn't want to scare me. Once I mentioned it (calmly) to him, and explained that I would rather have as much information as he has, and be as educated as possible, he felt the doorway was open to discuss things more openly.
I'm not sure of what to make about the 3 week wait to see the hemotologist. It seems excessively long to me, but that's likely because I'm the one waiting in anticipation to find out about my health. As I said, I'm not sure what the norm is for here in BC, Canada.
Now it's all up to what the hemotologist thinks, in regards to bone marrow biopsy or not. As much as I'd like to NOT have it done, I'd also like a definitive answer.
Ok, now I am just rambling. Thanks for your input.


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