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Hi everyone,

I'm sure I am jumping the gun a bit here, but I can't find much information to help me out.
For the last 9 or so months I have had constantly high lymphocytes. My WBC has been within normal every time, but my lymphocyte count is always high (this isn's an absolute lymphocyte, just the normal Differencial).
I had my blood retested on the 7th, and got the results on the 12th. Everything is normal except:

RBC 5.06 million, (norm 3.50-5.00 mill)
PLT 488,000 (norm 150,000-400,000)
Lymphocytes 6000/L (norm 1000-4000/L)
Platelet Est Increased

[I]"Persistant low level lymphocytosis unchanged. ? Proliferative disease such as monoclonal lymphocytosis or undertermined signifigance, CLL, other. In view of age suggest hemotologist consult.[/I]
Was written on the lab results by the doctor at the lab who reviewed the results.

This blood test was taken because of persistant skin infections (boils and abcesses) and fairly severe fatigue (he was actually testing for Diabetes and thyroid dysfunction which were negative).
I'm just waiting to for the appointment date and time with the hemotologist. My doctor tells me he's concerned, but I really have no clue what these results mean. He's also told me that he suspects I will have to have a bone marrow biopsy.
Does anyone here have any clue what's up with these blood tests? I can't find much information online that links any of the raised things together.

Anyone with any experience here? I'm a bit worried, I'm 32 and I have 2 small children.

Hi Christine

I am Becky I usually post on the lympoma board. I Have CLL, but all of my bloodwork was off. and I have swollen nodes in alot of places. Some people just have high WBC's and they do a watch and wait approach with them. I would have the bone moarrow biopsy just to be sure.
Did you google lympocetes. Maybe you could fine some answers that way.
Let us know about your about you Dr. visit. When is it?
Keep posting this a very supportive site.

Take care
LOL I've been googling my head off. I went in to see my doc expecting to be told my thyroid was low or sugars were out of whack, and walked out with a "I'm concerned about leukemia". Mind you, he's not just going on bloodwork. I'm EXHAUSTED, heck I won't even get up to go pee until my bladder's about to explode because it's too much effort. Not just tired exhaustion either, but full body exhaustion.
I got the call about my consult, it's on March 8th. That seems like FOREVER away. I don't know how quick that is for where I am (BC Canada), I understand they prioritize by apparent urgency here.
How on earth does one wait for 3 weeks after hearing "I'm concerned" from your doctor?
I've also pretty much lost my appetite, I eat dinner, but that's about it. It's 5:15pm, I've been up since 4am (with a 3 hour nap in there) and not eaten a thing. I'm not hungry, but I eat dinner because, well we all need food! LOL

Ok, I'm just venting now. I have just never felt so awful in my life without actually being sick.
I've also been tested for EBV twice and it's come back negative both times.

Thanks for your input Becky. I'm sure I'm not the only person to have experienced this, but it sure feels like it right now! LOL

Oh and I'm pretty sure I have 1 swollen node, but really, I have never been good at checking nodes on anyone. I think I have one in my underarm. I just figured it was because I kept getting the boils/abscesses under the other arm, so my body was just trying to fight off the infection, but it's been about 5 months of this now (boils and swollen node), I guess I should have mentioned it to my doc LOL.

What has the doctor determined is causing your boils/absesses? What was your total WBC and Hemoglobin? An increase in Lymphocytes may be caused by a number of things. Yes, CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) and also viral & bacterial infections. The question that needs to be determined is, are the boils as a result of a compromised immune system, or are the lymphocytes high because of the boils?

What did the doctor identify the boils as?

He didn't. But the boils are not causing the high lymphocytes, as the lymphocytes were high months before I got the boils, and I am talking on EVERY blood test (at least 6 blood tests sine June).
My total WBC is normal at 107,000 (norm range 40,000-110,000)
Hemoglobin was also normal at 140 g/L (norm range 115-160)

The boils were not diagnosed because this all came up. His initial thought was Diabetes, but BGT ruled that out. The results of that test were what prompted the referal to the hemotologist.

I have had high lymphocytes for about 9-10 months now, and had boils since September.

A normal WBC ranges from 4,000 - 10,000. Is your WBC 107,000? Does it read 107.0? Did they say 10.7 OR 107? If it is 10.7, they may be refering you to a hemotologist to RULE OUT a type of blood disorder, not exclusively luekemia. Since your blood counts are showing a pattern of increased Lymphocytes a bone marrow biopsy would be the definitive test. However, some people soemtimes just run with a high *something*. My daughter had a Cord Blood Transplant for relapsed Leukemia July. Now she runs with an elevated Eosinophil count. We don't know why, she just does. This may just be your norm. However, with your other symptoms, a consult with a Hemotogist is warranted.
I'm sorry, it was 10.7 not 107.
My doctor's not really sure what's up, but his words were "with the tiredness, and the unintentional weight loss, I'm concerned".
I'd also like to say, I had a baby 16 months ago, and none of my tests during my pregnancy were elevated.
I'm not freaking out, or panicking (I just haven't really absorbed even the possibility of something nasty), but I am very curious as to what's going on. I can't seem to find much information on anything that would cause platelets and lymphocytes to be elevated and was wondering if anyone here had heard of anything that would. Especially because the platelet elevation isn't terribly high.
The reason I am asking here on the Leukemia board is because when my doctor and I were talking, he said (initially) "Well, I'm going to send you to a hemotologist and they may do a bone marrow biopsy to see what's going on", so I said "so what you're nicely trying to tell me is that you want to rule out leukemia?" and he said "well, I didn't want to say that...but yeah", fast forward in the conversation to me asking if my lymphocytes being off could make me feel as tired and run down as I have been, his reply was "the tirdeness and weight loss have me concerned, you'll probably need a bone marrow biopsy". Now bear in mind, my doctor wasn't being an alarmist. He didn't mention Leukemia because he didn't want to scare me. Once I mentioned it (calmly) to him, and explained that I would rather have as much information as he has, and be as educated as possible, he felt the doorway was open to discuss things more openly.
I'm not sure of what to make about the 3 week wait to see the hemotologist. It seems excessively long to me, but that's likely because I'm the one waiting in anticipation to find out about my health. As I said, I'm not sure what the norm is for here in BC, Canada.
Now it's all up to what the hemotologist thinks, in regards to bone marrow biopsy or not. As much as I'd like to NOT have it done, I'd also like a definitive answer.
Ok, now I am just rambling. Thanks for your input.


Call your Dr. and see if can speed up the appointment. Did he refer to this hemotologist? If not ask him to refer someone. Dr can usually get their pt in very quickly.

Take care
I'll give that a try, I need to go see him again anyway:eek: . Turns out I have developed some funky looking spots on my chest. Actually I shouldn't call them spots, they aren't. They are sort of like small round patches, white/yellow in the middle with a red ring around the outside. VERY odd. I'm allergic to a billion meds, so I am used to hives, these are different though, luckily there's only 2. I think I'll have my doc take a look if they are still there tomorrow. Thankfully he works in a walk in clinic, so I can pretty much go in any time.

Thanks for the idea Becky!


P.S. he refered me to this guy.

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