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I am 35 years old and completely worried about symptoms I have had for the past 6 months. I hope someone can help me and tell me if I need more consultation regarding CML and PAP.

I had a normal CBC in Sept 06.

I have had a chronic cough that only came after I ate or laughed since Sept. Now since Jan 07, I have a chronic cough that comes every 3 minutes. I also have had slight night sweats since Sept 06. (just my head and neck)

1. I went to the doctor on Jan 15, 07. He did a chest x-ray and listened to my breathing. Chest x-ray was negative. Told him about my night sweats and my chronic cough (non-productive) and how I was worried about CML and PAP. He said the PAP would have shown on the X-ray and that he doesn't think I have Leukemia. Made him get my CBC done. (no differential)

CBC on Jan 15, 07. Completely Normal.
WBC 8.700
CBC 5.0
Hg 14.3
Hemocruit 42.5
Plateletes 360,000.

Put me on Anti-biotic for 1 week. NO EFFECT.

Went to another Dr. told him the same story.

Chest X-Ray-Normal
CBC with DIFFERENETIAL on Feb 5 07. Everthing normal (Including Eos .1 and Baso 0.0)
WBC 12,700 (normal under 11)
Neutrophil 74% (normal under 70%)
Absolute Neutrophil count 9,400 (normal under 8K)

So of course I freaked because when everything is normal except WBC, CML is a possible diagnosis.

This doctor said same thing. Numbers aren't too 'out of wack'. Thinks no way could be leukemia. High Neutrophils could be stress or obesity and 0 basos and low B-12 number enforces this fact that it isn't CML.

Went to third doctor and sent numbers to first doctor and this third doctor.

Third Doctor thinks same thing. CBC is close to normal and Neutrophils aren't too bad to worry about. Borderline. Thinks it could be allergies or stress.

Ordered CT Scan of chest. NORMAL.

Prescribed Singulair and Advair for breathing and coughing.

I hope someone here can help me. Do I need a Hematologist to look at these? My 3 doctors seem to think not.

My cough seems like it is getting worse and my night sweats are about the same. Those are my only two symptoms.

I have taken antibiotics, advair for a week and singulair for a week as well as Robitusin DM and no effect on cough. Tea has no effect on cough. Nothing seems to work.

On internet I read that High Neutrophils can become PAP in your lungs and cause these cough symptoms, but I have had 2 chest x-rays and a ct scan of the chest and doctors say if I had PAP these scans would have picked it up.

1. Do I need a Hematologist?
2. Could this be CML with two normal CBCs in the past couple of months and then a slightly elevated 12 WBC 2 weeks later with all other numbers normal?
3. Wouldn't a CT Scan and 2 chest x-rays pick up PAP?

Thank you as I am completely worried and freaked as my wife is having a little girl in 3 months.

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