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Re: Spleen Removal?
Aug 29, 2007
I am really getting nervous... My doctor is concerned about my spleen.... I had a really severe kidney infection 2 months ago & ever since I have had horrible pain in my back left side, doctor says between the 9th & 11th ribs. Sometimes when my pain meds wear off & it gets really bad, it comes through to the front of my abd., just below my left breast. I have lost a lot of weight unintentionally & am very tired & weak. I have had non-stop colds/flus/infections since May... I just haven't felt myself. I have been having palpitations & periodic blood in urine. I also have burning off & on when I go pee, which is not that often (since I just don't get the urge to go anymore). I am swelling & even though I have lost 25+ pounds in 2 months, my rings don't fit on my fingers because they are swollen. I keep getting low grade fevers & just feel ill. The pain is getting worse & now my shoulder is hurting again. At first they thought kidney stones, but now she thinks the kidney is fine. Because my older brother was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, they are very aggressive on testing me for cancer, too. I am worried what it could be & what I might have to go through if it is the spleen. I just can't figure why I would have a spleen problem to begin with. The doctor did say I don't have Luekemia (my great grandmother had luekemia around my age), but I don't have much more info. My doc said there was a cancer test she was going to do on my urine, but I couldn't find any info about that online. I am just waiting waiting waiting to see what they say. I hate the waiting game. Do my symptoms sound like anyone else who has had spleen issues?

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