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Re: Low Neutrophils
Mar 28, 2007
[QUOTE=GoPytn18;2886145]Hi everyone. This is my first post here and I need some advice or support, something!
My brother in law was admitted to the hospital on Thursday, the 22nd of March with flu-like symptoms...fever, body aches, loss of appetite, dehydration, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes (neck). He was given IV fluids as well as a potent antibiotic. The main reason for his admission was his dangerously low white blood cell count of 700. His neutrophil count was at zero. Daily his wbc count increased, slowly....700, 1100, 2200, 2900. His neutrophil count raised to 100 and stayed there for 2 days. It went to 400 on Monday and today it's at 600. An Oncologist performed a bone marrow biopsy yesterday and we're expecting the results sometime this week. His symptoms actually began on Sunday the 18th and his first visit to the doctor resulted in "It's just a virus". Of course, that story changed once they did the cbc on Thursday. They can find no bacteria in his blood, which led them to perform the bone marrow biopsy. His fever broke yesterday...finally...and since his neutrophils had come up a bit, they sent him home, to be in isolation and he'll continue to have blood drawn daily to check his wbc counts. Unfortunately the dr. is leaning toward the possibility of leukemia and it's scaring all of us. He has pretty much ruled out a virus of any sort. I don't know what I need, some reassurance, some advice, anything. This waiting is so difficult for all of us. If anyone can offer any advice, please share! Thank you!![/QUOTE]
It sounds like your brother could have been exposed to radiation or other toxin that wiped out his wbc count. Sometimes HIV related illnesses can do that too. Wait to see what the doctor says. Cancer is not the only Cause of hematological illness.

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