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i have no idea why she thinks no infection.

to be honest, my biggest concern was HIV, because of symptoms(fevers rash on chest, red rash(although not constant for this one) swollen glands, red bumps/lesion on soft palate all down throat. sore neck, 40lb weight loss( did gain 30 back) and an INTENSE VIRAL-LIKE ILLNESS in november/december. this has been going on for 9 months. it started in august. i feel so much better than i did in nov., but still not well.

i tested negative out to 8 months from last unprotected exposure- antibody and viral <50ml (which i was told means undetectable/negative-that's the low as the test goes)

THE Infectuous Disease Specialist is now sending me to a dermatologist and rheumatologist. the basic rheum tests were normal too. i did read they can be elevated because of inflammation, but i don't have any joint pain.

i had a lot of labs done over these last 9 months, but i think this is the 1st time neutrophils were high. i know this time my lymphocytes were borderline low. she said "THEY ALL LOOK OK"

for a few months borderline low RBC. at one time WBC was high-then low-then normal.

i am at a loss, 7 different dr.s and they don't have any answers (except for gen. prac. who "FIRMLY BELIEVES IN HER HEART IT CAN TAKE YEARS FOR HIV TO SHOW UP ON TESTS", my other dr's don't agree with her. ID says i definitely don't have it, but i don't know what is wrong with my body.

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