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I don't even know where to look but this subject keeps coming up on the internet. My son has had a low grade fever and headache for 7 days now. We have been to the dr 3 times. The dr keeps thinking viral but I am really getting worried. He is tired all the time and has only been to school two days this past week. I went to check on him a little while ago and he was sweating bad. I don't know what to think. How long do I let this keep going. What can they do to test for leukemia or menigitis?

-headache on and off 7 days
-low grade fever on and off 7 days
-right pupil dialtes bigger than left on and off
-night sweats
-low white blood cells 2.6 to 3.1

Can anyone give me some ideas of what to ask the doctor or what to do next.


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