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Apr 25, 2007
My best friend is taking B-12 shots, monthly for a few years now. Her WBC keeps going down and is now half of what it should be.

Her doctor is running tests for leukemia. I always thought a high value in WBC may signal a blood diseaase.

She's scared because her grandmother died from leukemia.

She's had further testing but hasn't heard back from the doctor.

Can anyone explain in simple terms how a low WBC can signal leukemia? And could it be something else going on? She takes thryoid medicaiton because she doesn't have a thyoid. Other than that, she's pretty healthy.

She's 61 and like I say, in good health. She's at a good weight, exercises and eats healthy. She doesn't smoke nor drink and basically has good healthy habits.
Re: Low WBC
Apr 25, 2007
Thanks so much Marimac - I can add that in 2006 it was 5.2 and then fell consistently down to 3.9 and now it's 3.8. Most labs consider 3.8 on the low side of normal but what has her doctor concerned is the fact that even with B-12 shots, it's going down, not up. Her RBC is normal as well as all her other tests. She hasn't heard yet on the additional testing for leukemia and you can imagine how stressed she is.

She feels perfectly fine with no other factor such as swollen nodes or overall sickness.

I guess the doctor wants to make sure but it is so stressful having to wait. I told her it may be just a normal thing for her but she's not very comforted bt that!

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