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[QUOTE=canada_josh;3002052]hey...I tend to get kinda panicy over things...and I've always been afraid of leukemia..I dunno just a thing I've always been afraid since I was little...(prolly from reading those chicken soup books haha)

but I've been on antibiotics for 7 days for strep (possibly mono)
my throat swelling went down
my throat doesnt hurt so much anymore..
I had a fever for about 4 days into it (this was a 2 week event) and then it subsided.
and I was kept awake tonight from sore legs...(also at the very begining of my illness I had a really sore neck...was it from the glands swelling?)

so I had a WBC and mono screening...and something else checked off...but it didnt say CBC...and thats what I want...cuz im terrified I have leukemia or something...

Would my WBC+Mono test ...give any indication to if I possibly had leukemia? (it came back negative for mono but thats all I was told)...if by chance I did have leukemia...would it have shown up on those tests? (2 viles were taken)

does what I have sound like it...I've also been quite tired..but I've been really tired for in high school and live a kinda stressful I dunno if thats a factor...and I do get little sleep...but when I do sleep...I can sleep for a good 16 hours...

any insights?...please...thank you <3[/QUOTE]

The CBC will sometimes indicate whether or not there is any problem with the formation of blood cells such as shape size and ability to function. That information will clue the doctor in to look for other illnesses with other tests. A lot of viruses act like cancer and vice versa. However, the doctor should be able to answer all your questions either because the doctor has your tests or can do tests that can answer your questions. A lot of people 20 and under sleep in irregular patterns due to social life or stress then make it up in a long sleep cycle. Some of it is normal some of it not. Adults who have to function at work have to develop self discipline to go to sleep at a regular time and get up at a regular time due to responsibilities for family, work etc. You might try this while waiting for your doctor to help you out on the information.

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