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Jun 4, 2007
So, I've had these small red spots - lots of them - in several places on my body for 4 - 6 weeks now. My doc first blew it off as folliculitis or hemangiomas, but I know differently. In fact, they're getting worse (i.e. more of them & redder aka more noticeable).

On top of this, I've had symptoms like:

[*][B]Easy bruising[/B] (i.e. lots of bruises, seem to happen for no reason)
[*]Badly [B]Swollen[/B] - sometimes tender - [B]Lymph Nodes[/B] for about [B]3 MONTHS[/B]
[*][B]L Side Pain[/B]
[*]SEVERE [B]Exhaustion[/B]
[*][B]Weak[/B] (more than normal)
[*]Normal [B]Joint Pain[/B] Worse
[*]Normal [B]Memory Problems[/B] Worse
[*][B]Pale [/B]Episodes
[*]Sometimes [B]Dizzy[/B]
[*]...and so on

I'll tell ya now. I've been dx w/ SLE (lupus), but I wonder if I wasn't mis-dx. I'm wondering if that isn't a possibility right now OR if this is some kind of complication.

Any thoughts?

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