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Hi All,

I am a 20 year old female from Minnesota. I am a college student and for the past 4 years have been experiencing constant illness. Over the past 4 years I have been "diagnosed" with bad colds, flu, mono, pneumonia, histoplasmosis, and a high WBC everytime. Although I was diagnosed with something everytime the doctors always seemed stumped, but never took the high WBC on my CBC seriously. The illness and high WBC usually hits during the winter months, but it happened again this summer. I have never had a CBC when I didn't feel sick so I do not know if my WBC is high all the time or just during these episodes. Recently I have been experiencing severe back pain, swollen lymph nodes next to ear, groin area, and neck, tired all the time, occasional headaches, and just feeling bad in general. I also bruise A LOT. I went to the doctor a week ago for something totally unrelated but the doctor took a CBC because I told her my gland was swollen, which for me from experience means high WBC. Here's the test results..

[B]WBC- 17.4 (H)[/B]
RBC- 4.60
Hemaglobin- 14.9
Hematocrit- 44.7
MCV- 97.3
MCH- 32.3
MCHC- 33.2
[B]RDW- 10.7 (L)[/B]
Platelet- 234
[B]Neut Absolute- 12.8 (H)[/B]
Neut- 74.0
[B]Lymph- 14.7 (L)[/B]
Mono- 7.3
Eo- 2.6
Baso- 1.4

The doctor told me to come back in two weeks to get another CBC done. Does anyone have any insight or similar experiences? I am just so young and I hate that I have to deal with being sick all the time. I had read up on a few conditions and leukemia keeps coming up. Could this be possible?

Thanks so much :)

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