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[QUOTE=littlebunnyfoo;3212107]Hi, I'm not sure where to post this question. But I have had high b12 and folate levels for about a year now. My doctor is not concerned, but I am after googling it and seeing cancer (leukemia) can be a cause of this...

My b12 is 1005 the range being 221-700 pg/mL
My folate is >18 out of 2.8-18 ng/mL

Also, in the year, I've had several CBC and my WBC and RBC is always in range. This time it was low at 3.51 (4.0-11.0).

I've struggled with low iron for a couple of years. I am not anemic, just low on iron (colonoscopy and endoscopy were done and I'm fine).

Are the above tests results something to worry about or not? I'm 33 year old female. If I should get further testing done, what should I do? What kind of doctor should I see?

Thank you.[/QUOTE]
a high b -12 level is a good thing provided there is not an underlying illness going on. You have not quoted anything that sounds dangerous. But, if you continue to have doubts and want to pursue it, check with a liver specialist since that is where the extra b12 gets stored.

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