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I started Induction chemo (24/7) in June of 2006. I got very bad diarrhea (ask for or bring your own wipes). You may be nauseous - they have med's for that. You can expect to loose your hair in 2 - 3 weeks. Bring a sticky tape lint brush to clean you clothes, pillow and to take the last of the nubbies out if you decide to shave. Bandanas, soft caps and a wig (depending on how you feel) should also be packed. Call the American Cancer Society or Cancer Care in your area if you can't afford a wig or it's not covered under your insurance. They have free wigs. Your hospital may also offer free wigs. Craft projects, knitting, puzzle books, books, magazines, movies, art supplies, are things to consider bringing. Ask your hospital social worker about a laptop. Some hospitals supply them. You may also become neutropenic. Your white count drops and your at risk for infection. You can't eat raw foods, some deli foods, certain cheeses. The nutritionist will discuss this with you. You may need blood or platelet transfusions. The hardest part is staying busy and sane...I spent 3 weeks in the transplant ward before I got to go home. A search was started for a donor, and I got a month off to recoup. Then came consolidation therapy and 3 more weeks in the transplant ward. I was VERY lucky a 10/10 match was found. I had a month off to recoup and get things ready. I had to go to a different hospital 8 hours away for the transplant because my local hospital does not do unrelated transplants yet (you have to earn the right). A week before the transplant, I saw the transplant team's dentist and they pulled 3 teeth out of me. They look for any chance of infection and just pull...ugh!! They also replaced my catheter with a nice new fresh one and pulled my port-a-cath (from the BC) to lessen any chances of infection. Five days of chemo and then I was ready for the transplant. The chemo was tough on my digestive system, but all in all it wasn't that bad. The transplant itself was very anti-climatic - just another blood transfusion. The hardest part of the whole thing was the isolation and keeping busy. My hospital got me out of bed to exercise the very next day. I spent a total of 8 weeks away from home and then my care was transferred back to my local hospital. I continued to get IV medications at my cancer center for several weeks. I lost over 60 lb because eating became difficult. My blood type has switched over to my donors (I was B+ and my donor is A+), and my DNA switched over several months ago. I am now leukemia and breast cancer free and enjoying a wonderful life!! I am still on anti-rejection med's along with many other med's. It was very hard, but very worth it. It is almost one year since my transplant...I am doing great now. If I can remember more..I'll post again.

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