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About 5 months ago I randomly lost 12 pounds and started feeling sick and weak whenever I exerted myself. Since then (especially in the last couple weeks) it's gotten worse. I haven't been able to put on any weight and feel weak almost constantly. My legs, feet, and arms also feel tired and sore just from limited daily activity. It's not uncommon for my arms and legs to feel so weak and sore that it is painfully uncomfortable. On top of that, lately I started noticing petechiae. At first I noticed one on my shoulder but now there are four on that shoulder including one that has been bleeding a little since I noticed it a week ago. I've been bruising easily and in the last couple days started noticing small amounts of blood in my mucus and nose.

Last week I got my blood tested by my doctor and based on those results, he doesn't think I have Leukemia or something serious. The problem is that these symptoms are getting worse but the doctor doesn't have an answer.

I scheduled another appointment this week and was wondering what I should tell him. I'm obviously going to tell him that the symptoms are getting worse but I figure he'll just reference the blood test and say I don't have Leukemia or something serious. From my perspective, the symptoms are getting worse and they all seem to match with Leukemia. Do I insist on getting a bone marrow test? Are there other tests you would recommend? Any other ideas?

I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you.

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