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This is a "spinoff" to another post I submitted last week titled "Husband has CLL, may need to start chemo...". However, in this post, I am wondering if someone could interpret my husband's lab results &/or their significance to his enlarged spleen, which the doctor was able to palpate during his assessment last Friday. (And if you're wondering why I didn't ask the doctor to interpret these lab results at the time of the appointment, I could not since the lab work was not done or ready, other than the WBC, RBC, & H/H. And we just received a copy of them in the mail today)

I will list mainly the abnormal lab results and from both his October appointment, as well as last week's. That way, one can compare & contrast the two. Thanks ahead of time for any feedback.

WBC: 54.4(Oct), 37.4(Jan)
HGB: 12.4(Oct), 12.1(Jan)
HCT: 42.0(Oct), 38.5(Jan)

Neutrophils: 5(Oct), 9(Jan)
Lymphocytes: 94(Oct), 88(Jan)
Monocytes: 1(Oct), 2(Jan)
Eosinophils: nothing indicated(Oct), 1(Jan)

Reactive Lymphs: nothing indicated(Oct), "many"(Jan)
Ovalocytes: nothing indicated(Oct), "few"(Jan)
Smudge Cells: "few"(Oct), "many"(Jan)

LDH: 277(Oct), 216(Jan)

Do any of these lab results have anything to do with the splenomegaly that the doctor suspects is going on with my husband's spleen? We won't get the results of the CT or PET scans until the next appointment on 1/25.

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