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Before I attempt to answer your question, you need to realize that a person's WBC count [I][B]is not[/I][/B] the only, deciding factor in determining when to start treatment for CLL. According to my husband's oncologist, he does not begin treatment until or unless one of the following applies with a patient: 1)Their WBC count is >100,000 AND they are showing signs & symptoms of CLL-related complications, 2)They are experiencing (possibly life-threatening) CLL-related complications, even if their WBC count is <100,000; or 3)Their WBC count is rapidly and continuously increasing and over a short amount of time. Some of the CLL-related complications(that can play a part in deciding to start treatment) are: anemia, thrombocytopenia, neutropenia, enlarged lymph nodes &/or spleen, unexplained weight loss, fatigue, fevers, &/or night sweats.

To put all this into a real-life situation, my husband, who was diagnosed with CLL 3 years ago, just started chemotherapy last month(and for the very first time!) because of an enlarging spleen. On the 1st day of treatment, 2/4/08, his WBC count was around 52,000...and that's the highest it's ever been, thus far. If it weren't for the enlarged spleen, he would still be in the "watch and wait" mode.
my white blood count is only 13.06 and i was told i have cll.
normal is 4.5-11...I have worried my self sick the last couple of weeks after learning my diagnosis and I am now at the point that I am just not going to worry about. What happens will happen no matter what i do as long as I take good care of myself. such as eat right and get enough exercise which I am doing now. Good Luck and don't get too discouraged. I read that some people never have to have treatment for this disease. and some people can go as long as 15-20 years bef anything happens to their health.
I have all my test results for the past 30 years. A few years ago my Dr. said I probably had a condition, but to be sure invovled nasty tests and even if it were confirmed, there wasn't anything you could do about it, so why bother. Three years ago I was bounced from a scheduled operation beause of elevated white count of 12. Had the operation, had the bone marrow test and yes I had CLL. After researching what that was, I went back to my test library and found my WC started increasing in 1995 when it went from 3 to 5. So, I have had CLL for 13 years. My last test was 16, down from 20 four months earlier. It does yo yo. I always have a fan on me because I sweat a lot. I live in Arizona where the current temp is 117, but I sweat a lot more in Los Angeles where it is 70, but humid. Weight loss is not a problem. Get up and I am on Green Tea extract of 375 + a day. Lots of vitamins, red wine, and fish oil. I am 80 and doing quite well actually. Drove to LA recently at an average speed of 74. My main problem is "Bite like reactions". A small dot, itches like you can't believe. Next day a red blotch about the size of a half dollar. Next day a really blood red blotch about the size of two half dollars. The whole area itches. By day 5 it has faded a lot and no more itching. They start where I have tight clothing. The elastic of my sock or my shorts. The back of my legs, under my arm. About two months apart. Sound familiar to anyone?
Keep clean. You have better chance of dying from an infection than you do from CLL.
Dick in Arizona

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