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My husband has CLL and was undergoing chemo treatments until recently. This past weekend, the area we live in(southeast WI) was slammed head-on with severe storms & major flooding. Thankfully, our home did not sustain any damage. Unfortunately, my mother & father-in-law weren't so lucky, as their sewer system backed up & flooded their entire basement with over 4 feet of water & sewer contents.

Even though he's desperate to help out, my husband understands that it's not safe for him to be anywhere near his parents' house right now, as the risks from exposure to germs/bacterias/toxins/spores/etc are too great. But what if I go over there to help out and then come home wearing the same clothes I was cleaning in? Could this also endanger my husband's health &/or put him at greater risk for catching some kind of nasty disease/illness? Should I also avoid going near their home right now?

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