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I Have Already Seen A Specialist. That Is Who Says I Have This Disease. I Have Allergic Rhinitis And Think That Maybe That Is Why My White Count Is Elevated. But The Doctor Checked Me For Lupus And Leukemia. The Lupus Test Came Back Negative. So I Am Wondering If The Doctor Just Assumed That It Was The Other One. I Just Feel Like This Doctor DidN'T Eliminate Other Diesease Before Diagnosing Me With This Disease. I Feel Fine. So It Is Hard For Me To Believe That I Have Cll. I Have Photophobia Also And I Know That Is A Symptom Of Lupus. I Also Have Other Symptoms Of Lupus And I Know It Is Hard To Diagnos Lupus And That You Don't Just Rely On The Test Results To Diagnose Lupus. I Just Think That There Could Be Another Reason Why My Wbc Is Elevated. I Know That A Bone Marrow Biopsy Will Tell For Sure But Don't Want To Go To That Extreme Just Yet....i Go Back For Another Cbc In September. Am Hoping My Wbc Is Down, Even Though It Wasnt Very High Anyway. It Was 13,600. Also Have Lympocytes In My Blood. I Have Researched This And Know That Allergies Can Cause Eleveated Wbc And Lymphocytes In Blood Also. I Just Don't Know About This....does A Flow Cytometry Test Definitely Diagnose This Disease Or Not. Is There Another Test Except For A Bone Biopsy That Can Tell For Sure What I Have....any Suggestions From Anyone Will Be Greatly Appreciated....
My husband was diagnosed prior to surgery in a screening test (cbc) about two years ago. His lymphocyte count was around 14,000. He was 63 at the time. His surgeon sent him to an oncologist. She did a bone marrow and identified his CLL as B cell lymphocyte involvement. B cells are your memory cells (the ones that remember that you had chicken pox). She said if he had to have it that this one was the best. T cells (the other lymphocyte) protect you from active disease (like HIV). The bone marrow was a definative test. Not pleasant, but can tell you for sure. You can probably wait to see if the lymphocyte count may be caused by disease. If it is, then the lymphocyte count should go down. His count is around 34,000 now and will fluxuate by about 4,000. Normal is between 1000 and 3500. The oncologist says that they would not even begin treatment until 350,000. So, the point is that if you have it - there is probably time - so don't panic. There are fast moving types of CLL, so you should be monitoring your WBC (white blood count) frequently. Hope this helps. :wave:

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