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[QUOTE=OhWell77;3664682]Hi All! I posted this on the blood disorder forum but i'm not sure anyone has any advice or answers so i'm searching for advice from here.

First i'm a 30 year old female battling fatigue, mild fevers and all over pain for a few years now. Last year my PCP ordered some blood work because of my complaints. At that time my ESR was 41, platelets were high and WBC high. So he ordered it again and again and again until he finally decided to send me to a hematologist,

My [B]platelets[/B] have been in the upper 500,000 to 600,000 range for over a year now. Along with that my [B]WBC[/B] has been anywhere from 13 to 19 in this time period. So my hematologist decided she wanted to do a a bone marrow biopsy. Last week I got the results and I am so confused and hope some of you may be able to shed some light on this.

She also told me my iron store is 0. But i'm not to take any iron supplements because it will raise my platelets more putting me at greater risk for clots.

My RBC is normal but she believes it's actually high and because my iron is so low it's actually bringing it down to normal range.
So now i supposidly have a high platelet, white blood cell and red blood cell count which she believes could be the beginning stages of Polycythemia vera even though my JAK2 is negative.

So now it's just wait and see. No iron supplements becasue of the platelets and an aspirin a day to help prevent clotting.

So much was talked about I barely remembered anything from the appointment, so i picked up the biopsy report myself. And this is mainly what i'm asking from anyone... what do these other things on the diagnosis mean..

Bone marrow aspirate, clot section and biopsy:
-[B]mildly hypercellular marrow... the cellularity is increased to around 60-70%[/B]
-no bone marrow iron store, no ringed sideroblasts.
-[B]one benign lymphoid nodule on clo section... the write up about it says, one benign lymphoid nodule is present on the clot section, composed of mature small lymphocytes.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

I believe to exclude Polycytemia Vera, they can run Erythropoeitin and Prolactin values


inflammation like Rheumatoid Fever (due to aching and fatique, high ESR and platelets (which can show inflammation if elevated) or any other auto immune disease.
You need to be seen by more specialists (Rheumatologist etc.)

Best wishes

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