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Hello everyone , I am a very worried mom of a 12 month old! At her 9 month apt. they did routine bloodwork and her white cell count came back at 18000 they said it might be from the er infection she had and to come back at 12 months to re check. So yesterday it came back at 26000! I'm so confused. They are going to get me in friday to see a immunologist but I have no idea what all this could mean. The weird part is all her other bloodwork came back normal and she hasnt been sick or anything she gets the normal colds but my 2 year old son gets them at the same time. If her immune system was so bad wouldnt she be getting sick and fevers everyday?? The doc said shes growing well, is a big eater, happy, etc. But with numbers that high it scares the heck out of me. Everything I read on the internet about this is just bad news! Oh yea and at 9months when they did the bloodwork we saw a blood specialist and he said there werent any blasts which might indicate leukemia but I'm wondering if it was just too early... Anyone ever had an experience like this?? Please let me know.

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