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Bite like reactions
Aug 11, 2008
Since I seem to be prone to them, I have done a lot of research..but can't find much. Red blotches, look like shingles. Itch. Small spot..itches like crazy all around it. Next day a red blotch about the size of a half dollar. Next day size of two half dollars. Stll itching. Fourth day, fading, no more itch. Under my arm, behind the leg, on my belly, three on my ankle, on my leg. Dermotologist has no idea. "You have an insect bite". No I don't. I live in the desert, bugs are few and far between. It is common with only :confused:CLL. Several sources say if , as a Doctor, your patient has one, check him for CLL. I have had CLL since 1995 but didn't know it until 2005.
So, does this ring any bells with anyone?

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