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I have Chronic Leucytic Leukemia (CLL) This is a slow growing disease and many people have it and don't even know it, or their numbers are so close to the normal range that doctors don't consider it an option to see a hemotologist until the numbers reach a more serious range.
I did have one of my doctors tell me that CLL can turn serious quickly and i suppose that is why my Hemotologist keeps a constant eye on my blood work.
I have had this condition for two years now. My specialist first saw me every three months with blood tests at every 4 weeks. He suggested a bone marrow
biopsy but I decided it was too early in the game to go poking around with a 7 inch needle. When I went back after my refusal of the biopsy, my doctor said my blood counts were remaining stable. He did, however, do a different type of blood test to replace what the biopsy would show, not as informative but definitely less invasive. You really don't get chemo or radiation until your numbers are really bad. With CLL early treatment does not indicate a better outcome. However, with treatments today, survivors live very long lives if you have the right doctor and treatment. So ask for something less invasive if your number are still low and they suggest a biopsy, see if they will do it. It's worth a try, you can't loose anything by doing so.
I am now seeing him less often and with an extension of an extra two weeks between blood work. Pardon any misspellings.

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