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[QUOTE=kmarshy;3839699]Can someone have leukemia with just a high white count. Even high being 15000 and is the only test a bone marrow when all other tests are negative... I mean when they have tested for everything else that could be raising it...I am getting worried now myself. Can't they tell just by doing a differential test??[/QUOTE]

I have been off the boards for a while. Let's try to put the white cell count in some sort of perspective. My own wbc was 221 (that is, 221,000) when I was diagnosed with CML in July of 2007. I have read posts by others with wbc greater than 300 at dx. The count alone is not even definitive for CML. 30 years ago, the dx was based on the ratios between the abnormal wbc types (primarily an increase in basophils and eosinophils) along with the total wbc count. In those days, there was not really anything effective for treatment, anyway, so a differential diagnosis could have been more a matter of academic interest. About 95% of CML patients show evidence of a particular chromosome abnormality termed "Philadelphia" (Ph+), named after the city in which the discovery of correlation between this mutation and CML was first identified. This is not a hereditable mutation, it happens as result of some insult (like radiation - or maybe a chemical exposure) to a weak point in chromosomes 9 & 22. The mutation is a partial exchange (called translocation) between chromosomes 9 and 22. This mutation produces an abnormal protein termed BCR-ABL. Proteins are used to carry messages between cells as well as being the building blocks of cells themselves. BCR-ABL causes an abnormal signal to be read by the bone marrow stem cells that produce granulocytes. It is the BCR-ABL protein that causes the marrow to continue making white cells regardless of any actual need for them.
I have Chronic Lymphatica Leukaemia (stage A) and have WBC count of 11. My heamologist said upto 9 was normal!!

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