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Very Worried
Nov 11, 2008
[SIZE="4"][SIZE="5"]My daughter is 15 nearly 16 year old, and nearly 3 weeks ago started gymastics (tumbling classes)
she had only been once a week for 2 weeks. Now She and I are really concerned as she is having joint pains and aches and after periods of sitting or climbing stairs she feels her legs are weak. She also stated she has a twiching nevrve above her kneecap. They started in her shin area and both knees at the same time, followed by her wrist and now her lower back. The pains in her shins seam to have settled but not the knee or lower back pains these pains are remitting they come and go, sometimes they come twice a day and each time last 1 hour or so, other times they come 4-6 times a day These pains come and go. She has been worrying about bone cancer and blood cancer, which she does not seam to have any other symptoms. Due to her high stress level and how much she worrys could you please reply asap.
Also its been 3 weeks nearly since they started and I have taken her to our doctor, whom seam to think its from trying gymastics, he stated to wait another 3 to 4 weeks and if it has not settled then he would run some tests. In his opion he did not think it was bone cancer or leukemia. He checked her throughly he felt her spleen and liver, checked for lymph nodes and checked for any bruises or fever. All was fine.Could you please try and put our mind at rest. I am worried due to reading lots of medical information on the net regarding joint pains and most talk about leukemia or bone cancer.There has been the odd day or two without any pain.
Regards [/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

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