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Re: Cmml
Apr 20, 2009
[QUOTE=besse;3801490]Hello, my dad is dealing with cmml. major symptoms are fatigue and bone pain. any alternative, dietary etc things he can use to assist dealing with symptoms. He is 85. Diabetic, under good control. They do not want to start treatment unless absolutely necessary.[/QUOTE]

I have CMML and have been treated with Vidaza since Oct 2005. In 2007 I had a mis-performed bone marrow aspiration and almost expired twice while recovering.

I then experienced extreme fatigue, night sweats, body pain that seams to emulate from my skeletal structure & I could not overcome respiratory issues after "several months" (almost a year). Despite the fact that I was receiving daily IV's of antibiotics at my doctors office. My WBC was done to 1.2.

I heard about a patient who also had very low white blood counts and started on product that increase his counts to 8.3 in 4 wks. I called him and he confirm what the phlebotomist at my doctor office had said. He started taking "JuicePlus" twice a day and his WBC counts had returned to the normal range, his energy level was up and pain was down.

I was preparing for my funeral services because of my declining health, so I decided to try the "JuicePlus" based on his experience with it. Takes about 4 wks to see effects. After three wks my respiratory issues had all but cleared and I also experience less pain and fatigue! My WBC increased to 3.8 (almost bottom of normal). Can't explain why it work, it sounded like some tonic a Con Artist from the old west would sell, but it worked for us.

I have since recommended JuicePlus to a friend who had a BMT several years ago and is now experiencing all the old CMML conditions. Her Dr scheduled testing for her in three weeks. By the time she went for her test she receive a clean bill of health (clean remission). The JuicePlus also worked for her.

I have increase the time between my Vidaza treatments from every 3 wks to every 8wks now and I will ask my doctor if we can go to every 12 wks (3 mth).

It would be worth it to me if the JuciePlus only increase my fatigue level. I have tried regiments of all the variuos "Vitamin baloney" given to me by health stores, nutritionist and they just don't work and cost a fortune as well.

Sorry about the long response, but JuicePlus has been like a miracle to me and my friends. Of course my doctor rolls his eyes when we talk about it, but he can't argue the medical test results and the amazing improvement in my health between the treatments. So we agree to continue the treatments and not discuss the JuicePlus benefits. We only discuss how ill I was 4 years ago when I almost crawed into his office in my walker. I don't even use a cane anymore!

So I say be a "Major Sceptic" like myself, but try it for four weeks. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Best wish to your father and your family.

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