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Re: Cmml
Jan 19, 2011

I must honestly say the I have always maintain and continue to maintained a normal (unhealthly) nutritional health style. I HATE to eat viggies (yeck!) and even if I was a health nut, my body can not take the physical exercise of gm work, I did try.

So we can deffinately count out me making a "life changing health style change" (Ha).

Now for my real life experiences:

I have been on numerous vitamin supplements over the years as recommended by friends or nutritionist. All had little to no benefits for me personally. I created a diary and tracked how I felt on a daily basis, before, during, and after having stopped taking up to 12 different combinations of vitamins 4 times a day. What a waste of money!

I could not detect any benefits whatsoever for me personally. I only tried Juice Plus, with great doubts, in desperation. I had become overwhelmed by the increasing amount of fatigue I was experiencing and the increasing time I experienced the fatigue. I was exhausted by 10 am despite the fact that I was continuing to increase the time I started my night rest early and earlier.

Then, I end up again in the hospital with another life threatening case of “sepsis” and could not recover from the light fevers, sweats, flu like pains and even more increase in fatigue. Despite all of the additional medications I was taking I could not seem to recover. I went to slept sick and fatigued, and woke up sick and fatigued.

As I had originally stated, my “phlebotomist” told me of another Leukemia patient who was experiencing the similar symptoms and began taking some kind of vitamin supplement that had an amazing affect on him. She asked him for his number and we discussed our similar Leukemia symptoms and low white counts. He was very excited to have me try Juice Plus as well, since he could not understand his own improvements after only about 3 – 4 weeks of taking Juice Plus.

After about a month of taking Juice Plus I had notice my fatigue had been starting later and later each day. I was able to recover from the sepsis.

I recently and foolishly arrange a cruise to Alaska with my wife. I had to be evacuated from the ship while in Alaska because of another life treating case of sepsis again. I spent weeks in hospitals in Seattle and then my home town when I was able to return. It has taken weeks to recover. However, I do experience these serious infections because of my low white blood counts form time to time. They have decreased since I started taking Juice Plus and I recover in weeks and not month as I did in the past.

As a note:
I take double the recommended dosage Juice Plus. I recommended it to other Leukemia patients and family member who complain of fatigue or body discomfort.

I am not affiliated with Juice Plus ( I do maintain an account so I can purchase of personal use). I only decided to share my experiences in hope that it may have the same effect on another Leukemia or cancer patient(s) and their quality of life improves and mine has and other local patients I have share my experiences with. I have CMML Leukemia. Long winded response, but I feel it is important to say I expericences to help other, if possible.

Other than my encounters with sepsis and avoiding environments with potential to catch and infection (definitely avoid cruises), I live a normal and extremely improve life with the Vidazza treatments and the Juice Plus. Vidazza is a maintenance treatment and not a cure. However, as my doctor always tells me that I can go on for years with the Vidazza, just avoid the infection that lead to sepsis. And as he always says, medical science is amazing and they are discovering new medications and cures every year.

Sorry about my delaying in responding bad to your inquiry, I was recovering from my foolish Alaska cruise. The local Infectious Disease Doctor in Seattle reprimanded me daily about that taking a “death cruise”. “Did I not know about the serious diseases that are on these cruise ships”. Not to mention the infections the passengers bring on board! Guess I had become too confident the Vidazza and the Juice Plus changes in my life.

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