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Hi can someone help me understand neutrophil leucocytosis mine is 17.9 high and just had some more blood test and most things i found on this comes back as leukaemia and the blood test are for types of cancer and im getting worried i have a appointment with the haematologist in 6 weeks but my mind is spining
thank you
I'm confused about your labs. Your leukocyte count and neutrophil counts should be two seperate things. What is your wbc count, your absolute neutrophil count, your lymphocyte count, your rbc count and your platelet count? Unless some of these are really out of whack, without doing a blood smear and looking at the size and shape of the cells it is almost impossible to make a diagnosis of leukemia. (If your wbc is like 70 (unusually high) and your rbc is 2 (unusually low) and your platelets are in the toilet then you can be pretty sure you have something more going on. Anyway, just need more info to help.

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