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Hello, confused and worried and looking for anyone with leukemia experience.

I am a 19 year old male. Never had a serious health issue. A little over a year ago (13 months) I started eating a tablespoon of garlic every night for a month because I read that it was healthy (pretty dumb to eat that much, I know...) Anyways, I soon noticed I had scattered petechia on mostly my shins. Around that time I also got several severe nosebleeds in a short period of time and had muscle/bone pain (couldn't tell which.) I freaked out and thought for sure I had a serious problem (leukemia.) Then I read that garlic can thin the blood, so I gave it a couple weeks to go away. The nosebleeds stopped, and the petechiae improved somewhat, and the muscle/bone pain decreased also.

It's now been a year and I've still on and off had some scattered petechia on mostly my shins (but I don't eat the garlic any more.) I don't have a fever, I have a good appetite, only had one nosebleed in the past few months, I went on a 5 hour hike up a mountain the other day and felt really winded at first but gained my second wind and felt good at the top...

Here's why I am nervous about leukemia again: I was doing pushups the other night and got a pounding pain in the back of my head that lasted until I fell asleep and still had it somewhat the next day. The next day I tried doing pushups again and got the same pounding head throbbing in the back of my head. That's faded away, but now that I'm nervous again I seem to be noticing pains in my neck and abdomen, a few 2 or 3 second aches in my back, and occasionally a pang of pain in my head. I had a sore throat a few days ago for 48 hours but now it's gone (could this just be a virus that's causing some random pains?)

SO anyways here's my question (I'm looking for those who have leukemia experience and can share what their symptoms or friend/family members symptoms were, others who just have links won't help because I've scoured the internet on this subject): With seeing the petechia over a year ago and them not getting any worse (actually improving a little) since then, is it likely that I'm suddenly having other symptoms that would indicate leukemia? I have read that acute leukemia progresses very rapidly and makes patients feel very sick in a matter of weeks.

I know the obvious answer is "go get a blood test", and I'm very tempted to just for the peace of mind... however I'm on my parents health insurance and have gone in twice in the last couple of years with what I thought was a health problem ("diabetes" and a "parasite") and both times it turned out to be nothing... so I feel like a bit of a bit of a hypochondriac... :(

Thanks in advance for any responses.

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