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My Mom has CLL...
Jun 24, 2009
My mama was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia about 8 years ago when she was 40 years old and I was in the 10th grade. She has not had to have any treatment except radiation on a lymph node on her neck one time. They have been watching her wbc and yesterday, they said that it was 123 (normal is 9-11, right?). (She is not really having any other symptoms excpet for fatigue.) I would think that she should start some kind of treatment, but they are saying that they are going to wait about a year. That seems absurd to me. Is this how it usually goes? 123 is really high...

I am so upset about this today. I struggle with depression anyway, and I can feel it kicking in and I am at work. If something happens to my mom, I will die. I cannot live without her and that is the God's honest truth. I want her to see me get married and have kids. I know that other people live through losing parents but I CAN NOT.

Do people with CLL live to normal life expectancy sometimes? Is that possible? I mean, isn't it true that people don't die from CLL but from complications as a result of it? So then there should be a pretty good chance that she will be okay for a long time, right?

Please reply.
Can you tell me how you were all diagnoised and what your symtpoms were?

My boyfriend who is 46 is being worked up for PV or CML or CLL? He has a very high white count, enlarged Spleen and fatigue. He has not had a bone marrow aspiration done yet. He does not have the red face and itching that goes along with the PV........

Thanks and it is good to read how long people live with this and also feeling good while having it......


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