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Hi, thank you for reading. I've been reading posts on here and everyone seems to be very friendly. I'm beginning to get very worried and working in a medical setting isn't helping, nor is Google. My history is I am 23, I have been extremely tired, feeling like no sleep is ever enough to feel refreshed for the past 2-3 months. I am a stressed person (graduation, moving, wedding), but I have always been under stress and never been this tired before. In late May I had a bad UTI, and went on an antibiotic for a week. A week after I had completed it, I had routine bloodwork done because I'm on Wellbutrin and it checks my liver functions (so he tells me). I received a call from my doctor and they said my WBC was low and wanted me to be tested again in a month. I finally got a hold of them and they told me it was 3.4. So I went in to get the lab order on Tuesday, they told me I could have it drawn right then (week early). I hadn't heard from my doctor so I called them this morning and a nurse was supposed to get back to me. Unfortunately I was at work when they left a message for me, saying I would have to call them back (which is very unusual because they always leave the lab results or anything else on the answering machine for me). I'm hoping I'm able to get some answers tomorrow when they're open briefly in the morning.
-My question is this, was the UTI and antibiotics enough to lower the WBC? I have never been told they were low.
-I have researched and found in rare cases Wellbutrin can lower the WBC and has to be discontinued to get them to go back to normal, but in some cases the low WBC continued to lower due to something else.
-Does this sound like it could be something related to cancer, such as leukemia (I've heard in cases the WBC can show up low instead of high) or would this be more in the area of lymphoma?
-The UTI and Wellbutrin issues don't really seem to be causes for the severe tiredness, do they?

I have never been this tired before, it's to the point I fall asleep driving and I just don't feel right. I'm sleeping through the night just fine, it's just I don't feel rested. Then 3 days ago I woke up all sweaty and clammy. I'm normally a cold person, but in the past 3 weeks I have been "hot", but not showing a fever on the thermometer. I would appreciate it if anyone had any insight or similar happenings. I'm getting very worried. I'm an x-ray tech student and I get more worried everyday when I deal with patients with similar symptoms or have cancer. Thank you to anyone who read this.

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