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Over the past 5 years I have been anemic due to having a heavy period from fibroids. I also had major vitamin deficiencies. Before my surgery to remove the fibroids I had to have blood work done and it came back saying my white count was low, 3.4. The doctor said we will keep an eye on it. I just had it redone, still the same. There are 4 doctors in the practice and the doctor I had last week looked back over the past 8-10 years at all the blood work I have had done and my white count has always ran about the same and no one ever brought it to my attention until I had the pre lab work done for the surgery. She said since all my other numbers looked good in the complete blood count It was nothing to worry about. I am always exhausted, fatigured, have aches and pains so I am scared they are missing something. But I am thinking, don't you think with having this low count for almost 10 years something would have showed up before this. Not sure and I am very scared. I know I have a B12 deficiency and a few others but this low white count makes me very nervous.
A low white cell count is not indicative of leukemea, a high white cell count is. I'm sorry I don't know what causes a low white cell count but it's not leukemea. Anemia causes fatigue and exhaustion and vitamin deficiencies will cause aches and pains. I really don't think your low count is an issue, you've had it for so long and I'm sure your Doctors would have had it investigated if there were any reason to be concerned.

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