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Hi, I am a 23 year old white male.

Let me summarize my last year quickly:

- Began to feel fatigue, dizzyness and loss of colour in skin around April/08
- End of April/08 I collapsed and the ER found I had a slow heart rate
- Collapsed three more times until finally having a pacemaker put in October/08 after heart stops twice in ER bed.
- Prescribed Florinef for low blood pressure in April/09
- Suffer dizzyness, fatigue and collapsing still even after heart/BP fixed. I thought all this was from my heart.

I have had CBC blood work drawn 3 times over the last 2 months. Each time has been the same with these results:

Hemoglobin, Hematocrit & RBC flagged as low, but not severely low (anemic)
Lymphocytes very low at .7 (range .15-.40)
Absolute Lymphocytes of 485 (LOW)
B vitamins, IRON and folic all perfect
All else in normal range or close to it.

After three CBC tests, my GP is finally involved and as soon as she saw the tests, she referred me to a Hematologist. She seemed concerned that it was something in my bone marrow and set me up as an urgent request. Should I be concerned? I didn't want to read online as it is full of bad stories, but my GP said sometimes it is leukemia/other cancer but not to worry as something small can mimic something serious and she just wants to be safe. Any help is appreciated!

Thank you in advance.


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