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I have a question for a hematologist or someone who knows alot about it. I am aware that I will not be able to get a diagnosis this way and need to have an appointment with my own hematologist and not take any information I receive from a response to this mesg to serious. A few weeks ago I went in to simply have my blood type checked to make sure that there were going to be no complications if I get pregnant the midwife decided she wanted to check my antibody's to make sure there wasn't an antibody that could cause recurrent miscarriage. The results came back as a red blood cell antibody and they needed more blood to do a titer and mmr. The results after they received and tested more blood came back as a warm antibody and they sent a plastic card from the blood center that has my blood type A positive and antibody type which is warm antibody. The docs then thought the typical of warm antibody ether lupus leukemia lymphoma or rumitoid arthritis. They did more blood work I think a ana or something that tests for the lupus and ra and then cbc for the other two they said everything looked fine no lupus or anemia showed up on the testing so they said I need to see a hematologist where im confused is the testing they did checked out fine then whats the cause for the warm antibody. Im wondering could it still be Leukemia or type of lymphoma that the cbc is not going to show for some reason? they said another possibility is i wouldn't be able to except a blood transfusion? Why would that be? and what would the alternative be if I needed a transfusion. Also what is your opinion on a bone marrow biopsy do you think it would be beneficial? I am 110 pounds 21 years old and already had my gall bladder out because of gall stones could that all be related. also ive noticed what feels like heart attacks and extreme sudden headaches on the right front side of my head that dont last two long and they feel like a sledge on my head in a small area and I have been having for a year when I stand from bending over and sometimes sitting Everything goes black and I get very dizzy and a headache and have to hold my head with my face towards the ground to get everything feeling back to normal and the stomach cramping on my upper abdomen has not gone away even tho I had my gall bladder out I also experience several utis a month not sure if all these are related or separate symptoms from the antibody some input please it is going to be more than a few days before I can see a hematologist because of insurance and am panacing just want some explanation to put my mind at ease so I have some sort of answer. Not even sure if the testing they performed was correct both my fathers parents had cancer one leukemia and lymphoma the other one of them passed away not sure who had who but i think my dads dad had the lymphoma he the one who died

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