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I have a concern for my 15 year old daughter. For the past couple weeks she has presented with flu like symptoms. the last scarey episode she had an excruciatind headache and leg pain, neck pain, whole body general. She was transported to the emergency room from urgent care not knowing if she had swine flu or possible meningitis. She tested negative for both. Gave her fluid and it perked her up enough to where she could go home and lay on the couch for a couple days and finally go back to school. She has lost at least 15 pounds and wasnt heavy to begin with. I had one of these mother intuitions and decided to pick up her lab results from the hospital. Has I was reading them I found that her WBC was low, RBC low, Hemoglobin low, hematocrit Low, and Anion Low. Her spinal fluid was negative for meningitis but she had a Low spinal fluid glucose. She is still complains of being tired. I called her doctor back and he told me all her results were within normal range. I had the test results in my hand. I dont want to be an over paranoid mother but should I have her seen by a pediatrician? She is getting better but I have an uneasy feeling, and I dont know if I am just being a worrier. Any info would help.

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