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Re: Tiny red dots
Jan 9, 2010
[QUOTE=lmoncada852003;4158675]tiny red dots appear all over my body, neck , chest, belly, legs etc. can you please tell me what could be the cause of it??????[/QUOTE]

Tiny red dots

Mine began on the back of my hands, travelled up my arms, neck, face, down the trunk of my body, then legs to feet. They didn't itch or hurt. Most of the dots were on my hands and arms. No other symptoms. Over a period of time, they developed into what looked like small pimples, with a little white dot in the middle. When picked, they bleed. No white ooze. They will develop a small scab, which I assume lengthens the life of the spot, and eventually the scab will fall off. This will leave a faded pink spot (scar) for several months. After about 18 months, they are not really noticeable.

The doctors did three biopsies, and both doctors (a GP and a dermatologist) diagnosed Folliculitis. This is a condition, but they had no cause. It is caused by inflammation. Okay, so maybe my inflammation is caused by arthritis. I was 57 when this began. I assume I still have the inflammation, but the spots have not returned. The ointments and antibiotics didn't seem to help. I think it is one of those "phantom" things that doctors just can't explain to our satisfaction.

If yours sounds like mine, don't worry about them. Do see the doctor just for your peace of mind. Don't pick at them, let them heal on their own. I would advise you to wear clothes and make-up to cover them, as people may think you have chicken pox or something.

Welcome to the world of non-explainable medical conditions. :dizzy::wave:

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