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I guess I will just post the letter I sent to my new doctor when I dropped off my health records. The vomiting has gone on for years as has the lightheadedness. Leukemia was mentioned by another doctor. The thing is, if I had leukemia wouldn't my wbc count [B]always[/B] be higher than normal? Sometimes it is in normal range, sometimes around 13, which is just a bit above normal. Has anyone ever been diagnosed with leukemia and had normal wbc counts? It just doesn't seem like a possibility. I thought that a normal wbc count kind of ruled it out. This was the letter with all my other messed up problems. Sorry if it is a little TMI :) Thank you for taking the time to read it.


These are all of the medical records that my last doctor had. I looked through them. I had forgotten that Dr. *** had spoken of sending me to a hematologist/oncologist because my white blood cell count was a little higher than normal for a few sets of blood work. Could that have been due to my gallbladder? Was the count fine this time? Another thing that has never been explored, do you think this could be a food allergy? I occurred to me that my niece has Celiac disease and I had never thought that it might be something like that.

While I was there, you had asked about joint pain. While my right knee hurts occasionally, it does not bother me often. However, lately muscles in my legs ache, my ribs ache, and my skin has areas that will feel bruised and appear slightly bruised but I would not notice the coloring if it didnít hurt.

I thought I would make a list of the things that I have noticed. My little guy was with me while I was there so I probably didnít think to mention everything. Some are almost always and some are sporadic.


Tender, sore stomach, sometimes sharp pains
Loose bowel movements, often dark yellow
Lack of concentration and memory
Headaches (I have had them since I was a child.)
Skip periods for up to four months at a time.


Achy muscles, ribs, and sore neck (under ears to collar bone)
Sharp pains in lower back
Sore areas on skin for no apparent reason. This started recently.
I recommend you to read my thread "A diagnosis of leukemia is not always what it seems".
My wbc also varies in and out of range but that can be due to infections or chronic low-grade inflammation. To put your mind at rest regarding leukemia, you could see a haematologist. However, the digestive system symptoms you describe sound like a gut infection. They can be difficult to diagnose and to treat because the bacteria are often antibiotic resistant. Ask to see a gastro-enterologist and that should get you sorted. One of the most likely infections would be from a bug called Helicobacter Pylori but there are others that would produce similar symptoms.
The other symptoms could be due to a whole range of conditions that really need thorough investigation. Let's hope your new doctor will get them checked out.

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