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hello everyone...

i am a 25 year old female. i've been experiencing chronic nausea, stomach pain, and swollen glands for over a year. I am often ill with some viral type infection (cold, flu, etc), and always feeling a bit tired. I am mildly iron deficient anemic, so bruising easily and such is normal.

I finally spoke with my doctor about the persistent swollen glands, and apparently it's a problem (I wasn't really aware).

After thinking about it, I am not really sure that my glands 'hurt', they are just bothersome/irritating and very swollen (about 2" in diameter)... if that makes sense! I can feel them when I move my head or lay down on my side. They [I]become [/I]sore if I poke at them, but I try not to! :)

Also, I am always experiencing a dull pain... Always asking my boyfriend to massage my legs, knees, ankles, feet, and elbows. I had a CBC done, and everything was normal except my 'lymphocytes' which were elevated.

My question is... could this be some type of Leukemia? I haven't lost any weight at all over this past year, I've just stayed at my usual weight, which is neither over or underweight (145lbs, 5'10"). It seems if I had something like Leukemia, I should be dropping weight? Also, how could I have Leukemia for over a year and still be relatively healthy on some days? Thank you for any help!

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