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Help, I need answers


i will try to make this as breif as possible. 4 weeks ago i came down with a horrible lower respiratory infection. was put on leviquin , inhaler and steroids. I continued to get worse. was put on nebulizer at home, more steroids, another anitbiotic and tamiflu. Oh yea I tested positive for infuenza.

Back to doctor symptoms getting worse,, abnormal ekg due to stress on the lungs. Admitted me to the hospital for 4 days,, all along i was having drenching night sweats and day sweats. low grade fever off and on. In the hospital they gave somerderal and another anitbiotic roceprin, breathing treatments, and a stress test. Heart was fine. Lungs began to clear up.

I am into the 4th weak,, all along my white cell count has been climbing. I have been off steriods for over a weak and last blood work WBC was 20. and now my kidney and liver enzymes are rising. I have been short of breath with exertion, like climbing the stairs, trying to do normal everyday activities,, which i dont do much anymore. Hubby is caring the load.

I have horrible headches and cant stand bright lights, it hurts my head to move it or to stand up. My lymph node especially the one on my right side is still swollen. still have night sweats. I have also been having wierd hallucinations at night. My husband says I am a riot. i get up talk and walk around the bedroom and then go back to bed,, I have never done this left side will get sharp pains. i also have intermittent pain in my bones just below the joint where the bone starts not so much in the joint.

My doc is now sending me to an infectious disease doctor and i am told to stay away from people with colds or virus. I have been out of work 4 weeks. I have very little appetite and will sleep about 4 -6 hours during the day the lethargy is unbelievable.

Nurse practioner put me on 1000mg a day of vit C, echinacea probiotic yogurt and high protein drink to help with immune system. I eat a piece of toast or banana to take my medicine with but that is about it for the day. Not hungry. I really would like to know what this could possibly be. I was basically healthy until 4 weeks ago. Could this be a type of leukemia? my sedrate has been normal.

Ok,, 5 weeks now.:confused: new symptoms, noticing other lymph noses are enlarging, and i am losing my balance,, not really dizzy but a drunk like feeling and unable to walk far without my head feeling funny. My neck hurts right behind the large bone on my spine,, almost a pressure like feeling that causes pain up the back of my head. I finally go to the infectious disease dr tomorrow,, I am getting scared,,

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