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:confused:In 2008, I started catching colds more often than normal. My family members and the people I was around the most were not getting sick. I didn't always get a fever with these illnesses but as time wore on, they became more frequest. My doctor ran some tests and noticed my WBC was low constantly. It would range from 2.6 to 3.3 (right now that is the highest). At first the hematologist I sought out, decided I cycled and this was normal form me. This past November (2009) I caught a horrible flu. I missed work and it took close to 4 weeks to get rid of the symptoms. I went 2 weeks feeling better and then WHAM, I was hit again. It has been that way since then. They are now running every test possible to find out what is goin on. So far they are all coming back normal, except for the low WBC. All the vitamin deficiancies that could cause this are negative. My thyroid, liver, and spleen are fine. GI has looked at images and those are normal although I do have a very "easily disruptive" GI system. Most days I feel ok. I play golf and go for runs and eat very healthy. I'm not anemic and the normals like LUPUS, AIDS, etc...were ruled out. I go back to the oncologist on Thursday, the 15th of April and was wondering what I should expect next. Both sides of my family have various forms of cancer and my dad died from leukemia but his was from too many white cells. Right now the doctor I am seeing is good and I am comfortable with her but its a small clinic and I wonder if I would be better off going to a larger facility with more expeience.

After all the tests, my body and mind feel like a human pin cushion and guinea pig all at the same time. And I am trying my best to not show my fear for my family as we have been through a lot. I was able to work with my employer and I now work fulltime from home as my office building had poor air circulation and people came in sick all the time. Of course, my first day in my home office, I came down with a cold which turned into pneumonia overnight. During all this, my husband and stepdaughter have not had one cold.

Any suggestions on what I should do next?
If you have been to a haematologist and all they found was a low WBC, you should not be worrying. There are many conditions and/or medications that can cause a reduction in the various types of white blood cell. You might like to read my thread 'A diagnosis of leukemia is not always what it seems'.
Sometimes it is just a familial condition that means no more than that you are more susceptible to infections than others. There is little you can do, other than make sure you are eating healthily and getting your full daily dose of vitamins. If you are in a position to do so, you could follow my course of action and ask for a clonal analysis of your white cells.

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