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May 4, 2010
Im just a little worried that my symptoms point towards leukemia maybe lymphoma but im mostly tired of feeling like this..ive been having symptoms for 2 months now. At first it started with alot of unexplained bruising a week after that started i had a cbc no differential and
platelet count and that was normal then i went to another doctor and he checked my liver that was fine he also checked my pt
and ptt and that was abnormal.Two weeks ago i started getting blood spots on my feet and legs and now my hips all the down
to my ankles hurt and my neck and upper spine also and i get bad headaches and prescription pain pills don't help.I feel full all the time and when my doctor pressed on the left and right side of my
stomach (where my spleen and liver are) it hurt bad but he said it didn't feel swollen ive been losing weight without trying i went from 120 to 108 .My skin is yellow tinged and im so fatigued.Today i went to scratch my neck on the left side above my sholder and i felt a lump.
Im only 16 i should not be feeling like this i know somting is wrong ive never felt like this before.My questions are
could a CBC and platelet count be normal and i have leukemia? should I try and get a doctor to do a bone marrow biopsy
to rule it out? what kind of tests do they do to rule out lymphoma?
Any input is appreciated.

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