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Is this leukemia?
Aug 14, 2010
i had a blood test done by my cardiologist. when it came back ( i have a copy which i requested from lab corp) it showed some scary things which the cardio never mentioned . he was only concerned about my high cholesterol and triglycerides.
The test showed the following:

Immature Granulocutes range 0-1 mine was 3 (high)

Also White blood cell count range 4.0 -10.5- mine was 4.1 but underneath is states:
WBC deteriioration noted on the blood smear.
Fibrin strands present results may be questionable?

My concern is the Immature granulocytes being so high. when i look up on internet it says it could mean infection which i know it isnt since my wbc is low, bleeding.. which i dont have... and cancer..

could this be leukemia?
My platelet are in normal range

I took this report to my new primary dr and he didnt seem concerned He was more concerned about my anxiety and put me on zoloft which i took and it brought on a full blown panic attack while i was driving on the highway.

I have not been feeling well for months..

started with uncontrolled high bp and now i just feel terrible all the time.
I wake up every night in the middle of the night feeling anxious and jittery and nauseas.

Please, if any can tell my what this immature granuloctes means and why it would be so high i would appreciate it.

I dont know where or who to turn to now?


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