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I'm wondering if anyone has a similar story as mine so I'm posting hoping for some results.

My story started back in April or May when I went in for a physical. My primary care physician got my CBC results back that my WBC was high (13.5). I had 2 more high tests with my primary doctor before she referred me to a hematologist/oncologist. My hematologist hasn't really explained a whole lot to me other than telling me that the type of cell that's elevated is not indicating an infection, but rather there's something my body doesn't like such as a parasite, chemical or drug, smoking, or cancer (leukemia)/tumor was a possibility. Since I was a smoker, they CT'd my lungs first but the results of that came back fine so lung cancer was ruled out, and she ruled out meds and parasites as well. Then I quit smoking about 6 weeks ago and my WBC is still hanging around 13-14 so there's another cause knocked off the list. last week, my CBC showed a jump in WBC to 22,00 but I was on prednisone at the time. Doc said she was sure the jump was due to the prednisone but was going to look at the differential and let me know whether she wanted to wait another 4 weeks for another CBC or go forth with the biopsy, she decided to go ahead with it. From everything I've read, my CBC isn't THAT high so why is she moving forward with a biopsy?? Is there something in the differential that would show her the rise in WBC wasn't all due to the prednisone? Of course everything on the internet points to leukemia BUT I just don't feel like it's that... naive, I know, but I'm only 25 and my WBC isn't terribly high. Anyway, any information would be helpful. Thnx!

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