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Hello, I appreciate any help or advise that can be given to me.

About 4 months ago I had a throbbing pain in the back of my head/neck area and a tightness on my right leg, which over the course of 2 months went away but developed into other symptoms. I currently have trembling, tiny red dots that keep on appearing, pain in my lower rib cage( both sides), weird sensations on both legs and arms (tightness), increased heart rate, joint pain, constant throbbing in hands and feet, dizzy, teeth rattle, slight pain in back of head/neck, vision problems, dry mouth, very bad insomnia, hot flashes.

I have had the following tests done:
4 CBC which are completely normal
MRI of head and neck (normal)
Ultrasound of kidneys, pancreas, liver spleen (normal)
Been to ER twice

I've been off work for this whole time and can't get better, could it possibly be leukemia even if I have a normal CBC and platelet count. I have requested a bone marrow biopsy but will not receive it because Dr's dont' think it's necessary.

Any ideas would be great as I'm going crazy and would like some help if anyone has experienced this or if it's even possible. I feel like I'm a special case.

Thank you in advance

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