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Have your thyroid levels checked. Itching can be hypo thyroid, also gallbladder. I had a low platelet count about 13 years ago t (with the red spots, brusing) I was hospitalized for it (platelets really low)and given transfusions. My count was really low. they called it ITP but couldn't figure out why I had it. I was diagnosed with Graves disease about ten years after, then Hashi's too. I found out on my own thyroid disease and this is related. Have your tsh, Free T4 and Free T 3 done, also antibodies for Hashi's. Your being out of breath and the fatigue and joint pain sounds like Hashimoto's disease. These conditions are auto immune. Your doc sounds in the dark about all this. Check it out, ask him to run the thyroid panel. (not just tsh)

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