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Hi all!

I posted on the liver issues board earlier before I spoke with my doc based on what he initially said, but since getting my bloodwork results back, I'm wondering if I posted in the wrong area.

In a nutshell, I went to the doctor yesterday for uncontrollable itching that started Sunday night. By Monday afternoon I was full of both petchiae and bruises all over my body. The doctor didn't seem all to concerned with that, but did note how pale I am & how dark the circles under my eyes were. I also showed him the red dots that have been on my stomach for the last few years & told him recently a ton more have popped up in clusters (not from the itching...these don't go away), but again he didn't think it was an issue. He seemed more concerned with the mild bruised feeling I've had off & on under my rib cage on the right hand side. He sent me for an u/s this morning to check my liver & gall bladder. I'm not jaundice. I have no problems eating other than less of an appetite lately. I've lost 12 lbs in the last 2 months, but I assume it's because I'm eating less.

The itching is miserable. I've tried antihistamines, but when 4 Benadryl didn't work, I gave up on that. Nothing has given me any real relief and now it hurts to scratch because even where you can't see bruises, I feel bruised. My arms are full of petchiae and my legs actually have large purple bruises with swelling underneath...all from scratching. The doc is baffled what is causing the itch because there's no rash or reason for any kind of allergic reaction. No new soaps, foods, etc.

He called earlier to ask how I was feeling and to tell me part of my CBC results were in. All I know at this point is that my WBC has apparently been higher than normal for the last 2 years consistently (which no one ever told me) and the newest result showed it at 17,000. He said my platelets were low as well, but didn't give me the levels. My full results should be posted online for me to check out by tomorrow morning, so I'll know more details then. I understand the low platelet count could be causing me to bruise so easily from the scratching, but the doctor didn't have any idea about that when I asked. He just seemed completely baffled as to why this came on so suddenly and why I'm so miserable. And tired is an understatement. I'm having a heck of a time staying awake today, and have been so incredibly tired for the last few weeks it's not even funny. At my appt he was asking about pain & shortness of breath, but since I have fibromyalgia and asthma, I wouldn't know if I'm having new/different symptoms in those areas. I've been having more joint pain lately, but since I'm so tired I thought it was due to a fibro flare. The one thing that has been quite irritating is the fact that walking and talking at the same time gets me all out of breath. And just going up and down the stairs in my house makes me feel like I sprinted up 100 flights.

The last thing the doc said before he hung up was that he'd think about it tonight & wait for the u/s results before going any further with this. He apologized for not knowing what to do for me and said maybe he'd figure out if he should send me to a specialist, although he didn't know where to send me. I'm so frustrated because now on top of the itching, my body hurts and I look like I got beat up. I'm sick & tired of feeling sick & tired. Does any of this seem significant or related??

"Itchy" :D
Have your thyroid levels checked. Itching can be hypo thyroid, also gallbladder. I had a low platelet count about 13 years ago t (with the red spots, brusing) I was hospitalized for it (platelets really low)and given transfusions. My count was really low. they called it ITP but couldn't figure out why I had it. I was diagnosed with Graves disease about ten years after, then Hashi's too. I found out on my own thyroid disease and this is related. Have your tsh, Free T4 and Free T 3 done, also antibodies for Hashi's. Your being out of breath and the fatigue and joint pain sounds like Hashimoto's disease. These conditions are auto immune. Your doc sounds in the dark about all this. Check it out, ask him to run the thyroid panel. (not just tsh)
Thanks for your reply. I did have thyroid levels checked. Everything was fine. The only things that were abnormal were my WBC, which had high concentrations of neutrophils & monocytes, and immature granulocytes were a little higher than the norm. Shouldn't be more than .05...mine was .07. Doc didn't seem all to concerned with any of it. The itching has since subsided for the most part & now only comes and goes but I'm just SO tired all the time. I can't stand it!

Looking over past test results, my WBC is always elevated quite a bit. The doc mentioned that it was odd, but didn't know why. Also urea nigtrogen is consistently quite low. I have no idea if that means anything. I read that low BUN levels are usually insignificant but can mean liver problems. Since mine is slightly enlarged & I have a hematoma maybe it's related? I dunno. I'm really thinking I should ask for a referral to a rheumatologist to delve deeper into the possibility of something autoimmune. I do have fibromyalgia & psoriasis, so I'm a walking autoimmune disorder as it is! ;)

I'm just frustrated because I feel AWFUL!!!! :(

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