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Hi. I've had swollen lymph nodes for over an year. I thought, that it might be because I had dandruff and liked scratching my head, an infection, as they are supposed to not be swollen in a few months. Of course I had the cancer thought too.
Now I'm concerned and worried, since it can't be explained by anything I know of (read) except lymphoma. Here is some other symptoms, that might be related, so some websites tell:
I'm not so hungry, as I was before. (might be because I have less food to eat, so my body got used to eat less)
My head is dizzy occasionally, as I posted somewhere else.
My nose is almost always running. Not much, just a little bit wet, I have to clean it or sneeze to get the... dead cells (not sure, how to say what you sneeze out of your nose, sorry) out of your nose. During the summer it's rare, that I have to sneeze though.
I feel weak, but I don't do much sports either.
I have no fever.
I'm lack of energy sometimes. I'm also not very happy, so it may be because of that.
I have no joint pain.
I am clumsy sometimes.
My brain feels not working as good, as it's been working before. Sometimes it's alright, I figure things out in a matter of a second, other times - I can think for a few minutes, what I found out other time in 5-10 seconds. That might be psychological though.
My wounds doesn't heal quick. At least the red blood doesn't drop from the skin in less than ~2 weeks. It heals up, so it won't bleed in a few hours and heals up tighter in a few days, maybe 3-5. Not sure, if that's bad.

Recent symptoms are only the glands and the dizziness. Recent - over a year.

So basically, the question is this (as all other symptoms can be explained by what I know, which could be wrong though): What could cause all lymph nodes to be swollen for over an year except lymphoma? Genetic, infection, virus, anything that could cause that for that long period of time. (I bet viruses or infections would've killed me a few times in that time)

You shouldn't suggest going to a doctor, as it costs a lot in this country and the machinery is soviet union times still, so it's not a very good idea. I'm not rich too, as you probably noticed from the food cause.

Some other might relevant information: my mother has join pain (she was diagnosed for arthritis).
Always has runny nose, probably same as me (she might have some sexual disease, because she had been with some men, could because by weak immune system).
She has headaches.
She is clumsy sometimes.
She is disoriented sometimes.
She is weak, as I notice.
She is taking anti depressants, and most of these symptoms can be caused by clinical depression, I think.

Thanks and sorry for a long post, I just wanted to put everything in.
P.S. if you have any questions - just ask, I'll answer anything.

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