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Re: Cll
May 13, 2011
[QUOTE=linterman1;4752274]Hi thanks for the reply. I started my chemo last month and had 3 days at the begining of the month. I really didnt have any probs apart from feeling a bit flat and drained for the first week. I never lost my appitite which was good. Mind you I didnt have the MabThera (Rituximab) the first round. I was due for the second round of chemo nearly 2 weeks ago but my WBC went down to 1.7, from 178, so I have to wait till the levels build up again. Hopefully next week I start again. What was your WBC before you started chemo? I take it you have finished your full 6 rounds of chemo. How are you feeling. Looking back, was your whole chemo experience as bad as you first thought? I was pretty nervious the first time but I think I trained my mind to accecpt whatever. How long was you diagnosed before you started chemo, I was 5 yrs. hope to hear back from you soon.
Cheers Bill
PS......Where are you from, if you dont mind me asking. Im from australia[/QUOTE]

Hi Bill, I am from Stevenage in the UK. It seems like we are at similar stages but with different rates of progress? My first session of treatment was in MArch this year, following a 2 year watch and wait period. During those 2 years I was shown graphically that the white blood count kept rising but can not remember what the number was. Some months it seemed to go down as well!
Like you after the first 4 week treatment phase my WBC dropped to 0.7 hence I was hospitalized for a week or so. Following a break of 4 weeks I have just started a second course, after the drip treatment I felt fine and went home. But next day I started the tablet part of the treatment, by 11 am I was not feeling very good and then started trembling. I laid down and that got better but soon afterwards my temperature started to rise, after it passed 38 I went into hospital for the night. Now my specialist has reportedly advised me to hold further treatment except for anti-biotic and anti-viral until I see him in 2 weeks time. Today I feel great again.
I wish you good progress and it is good to know someone else with this problem. All the best. Brian

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