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The last couple months have been pretty rough for me. I've been getting infection after infection. It seems like as soon as one clears up, another takes its place. Going over my CBC results for the last year to year & a half, my doctor has realized that my WBC is consistently high. In the past it was maybe only 12,000 but over the last couple months has gone up to 17,000 and most recently 22,000. It's my neutrophils that have been consistently high this whole time, which would signify some type of underlying infection or chronic inflammatory disorder, but no testing has found anything aside from the chronic infections that have plagued me. Currently, basophils are slightly elevated as well, but from what I understand, yet another thing that would signify infection, although there doesn't seem to be any. RBC seems to be fine for the most part. Hemoglobin, hematocrit, and platelets are all on the high side of normal, though still within normal ranges. Where the doc is showing a little more concern right now is the fact that over the last 4 times I've had a CBC done, I've had immature granulocytes 3 of the 4 times. From what I understand these are basically cells that are not fully formed, correct? The doctor said that typically you don't see that in "normal" peripheral blood.

Symptom wise, the concern comes from the CONSTANT fatigue I'm plagued with, among other things. I get out of breath just having a conversation with someone...we won't even talk about getting up & walking to to the bathroom! LOL I keep telling him I just can't take it anymore. I miss being able to run around & toss a football around with my kids (ages 7, 11, & 15), or just take the dog for a walk. I've been complaining of night sweats that drench not only my clothes & hair, but leave the sheets wet as well. I can't take ANY form of heat anymore. I mean it's getting unbearable. I keep my house like a meat locker & my family has dubbed me the Heat [email protected] Hey, they can put a sweater on! :p Pain wise, I have a lot, although I couldn't tell you if it's new or increased because I have fibromyalgia as well. All I know is it feels like it comes from deep within my bones and there are days it's hard to function, though I rarely show it. When the doc asks me if it's new or worse I have no real answer for him because pain is a part of life I've learned to deal with for so many years that I wouldn't know a new ache or pain if you threw it at me. I don't do the whole pain med thing either because I hate feeling dopey. My kids say I'm loopy enough as it is. :dizzy: My spleen is slightly enlarged at the moment, though there's no telling if it's from the recent bout of mono I was (un)lucky enough to deal with, or if it's from another underlying condition. I've been complaining of feeling like someone kicked me in the chest for quite some time now. It feels almost bruised and I guess sort of "heavy" if that makes sense. I dunno if I'm describing it in a way that works but it's the best I've got. I've lost about 20 lbs in the last 6 months. Partially because I have very little appetite, though even when I feel like I'm eating like a horse, I continue to drop weight for no reason. I'm 5'2" & now about 110 lbs. I can't afford to lose any more or I'll blow away in the heavy Seattle winds!! I'm also full of bruises all the time & have had petchiae on my abdomen for a couple years...getting to look like I have an obsession with poking myself with a sewing needle. haha

I've been referred to a hematologist at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance where I feel very comfortable & confident in going. I went there a couple years back to deal with my cervical cancer, ultimately ending in a hysterectomy. My current MD is the ONLY doctor who would listen to my complaints at that point when everyone else called me a hypochondriac & said nothing was wrong, so I do trust him fully, as well as the team at the CCA. I made the appointment there today, but it's not until April 28th. I can't stand waiting for anything, especially something regarding my health and what right now feels like a total inability to function like a normal wife & mother. They said they'll be doing a bone marrow aspiration, as well as more blood work, and to just relax in the mean time. Relax? Are you kidding me?! The reason my doc said CML specifically I believe had something to do with the blast cells (those are the immature granulocytes, right??) coming & going and that it tends to happen sometimes in CML. There has only ever been 1 or 2 of them in my blood, but he's concerned because it's not a one time thing. He fully admits he's not a hematologist or oncologist, but he called me his "special case" and said he's working hard to come up with a diagnosis and some form of treatment and/or relief for me. I've now begun calling him "Dr. House." LOL

I'm just wondering, from someone who has been there, done that, are his concerns warranted? I've read a lot about the different leukemias and do see some similarities symptom wise. Actually, I see more than I'd like to admit. I'd assume since the WBC has gone through a gradual increase over time that if it was leukemia it would be a chronic form, but I'm just looking for a little insight here. My WBC isn't extremely high, but high enough to raise eyebrows and continuing to rise with no known cause. Any thoughts on what I might be able to expect and anything to help calm me down while I wait? I'd appreciate anything.

Thanks, and God Bless to all who are fighting through this every day!! :wave:

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