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So I am 28 years old and I a going crazy. My story is kind of long so I will try to go fast but with detail. 2 years ago I had donated blood and received a letter back from the Red Cross saying that I had tested positive for HTLV-1 which concerned me because they said I could not donate blood anymore so I figured it must be bad. I scheduled an appointment with mmy family Dr who said...."HTLV-1 ahhh everyone has something, like diabetes or high blood pressure, we will take blood tests 2 times a year, but everything is fine, nothing to worry about." So I was like cool ok, since I felt fine. Well 6 months ago, I started waking up with random unexplained bruises, always on my legs, on the inner thigh and right behind my knee, once I got one the size of a grape fruit right below the knee area, on the back of the leg, I immediately went to a different Dr who did a CBC and said "everything is normal, your just more prone to bruising than most people, it means you bruise easily." I was like ummmm ok, well the bruising continues, and I know it's not that I bruise easily because I am constantly bumping my hands and face on stuff and I never get bruises. Now, I started getting bad headaches only on the left side of my head, and my legs and my wrists hurt soooo bad like down to the bone a really deep pain that cripples me for like an hour or two.

I went to a different Dr who drew blood and confirmed HTLV-1 and sent me to an Infectious disease specialist who ordered another CBC and something called Von Willabrand Factor III and an HIV test and I asked for a blood smear test which she ordered but she called and left a voicemail this morning saying that all the lab tests with regards to my bruising came back normal, and that I don't have to go see her again????? WTF, no mention about the blood smear with regards to the leukemia, I am going crazy, I HATE THE WORD NORMAL because I know bruising for no reason and constant headaches and bone pains is not normal. Oh yeah and I also have little tiny red spots scattered on my chest, arms and legs.....I'm thinking its petechia.

Anyone here fighting to find an answer to any similar symptoms?

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